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Our mission is to serve God first, and then families. In the Bible, Joseph stored food while it was plentiful to give to people when times were tough. God provided the warning that in seven years, there would be a famine and He gave them specific directions to make good use of the plentiful times at hand. The specific instructions were to store food.

Storing food ahead is wise even today. We too have been warned to prepare for hard times in our country. We are accustomed to pushing a button and getting what we want in a second and it is almost impossible for us to conceive of preparing anything that would take as long as a year. There is no mouse to jiggle to express our irritation at the delay, and yet, we need to store the food before the crises overwhelms us.
This is reality: The hard times are upon us now; it is hard to imagine that the majority of us could make a seven year plan because our lives are so instant, but we must snap out of our lethargy and claim the mountain! Turn off the mindless shows and think! Take a little time and prepare.

We believe that our efoods are healthy and that they taste so good you could survive on them and look forward to the next meal. They have a fifteen year shelf life, no msg, transfat, or modified food. Prices are great; more food choices are added monthly.

Check this out and make sure you click the free food option. Everything is on the table, the plans have been laid, grace has been given. Blessings and peace be with you both now and forever. You have our number, we’re waiting.

Love is action, lets take action now.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

efoods Business Opportunity


eFoods Global Earning Plan

Network marketing compensation plans should be rewarding at every stage—from beginner to leader. eFoods Global’s Compensation Plan is the perfect hybrid—the ideal crossweave of traditional compensation models, but with an innovative twist that’s unique to eFoods Global.  And, it’s rewarding at every stage of development.
With our unique plan, you’re compensated weekly for generating sales volume and for building a strong broad-based organization. Very simply, as you do more, you earn more. And you’re never penalized for developing leaders who match or exceed your personal achievements. In fact, you make more when your leaders excel. 
One of the unique aspects of this earning plan is the blending of weekly food rewards with financial rewards. Not long ago, terms like providing for the family, being the bread winner, and putting food on the table were the measure of a good day’s work. With the eFoods Global Earning Plan, you will be putting food on the table tonight while reserving weeks, months, and even years of food in your home, accompanied with some huge financial rewards. This extraordinary earning opportunity has the possibility to generate a potentially endless stream of savable gourmet food as well as lifestyle-changing income. We at eFoods Global have a very simple philosophy:
serve it, save it, share it!
This brief overview highlights the eFoods Global opportunity with broad descriptions of how the plan works. If you are hungry for more information, we have the right amount to satisfy any appetite—view the  on the sidebar and bon appetite